Surface Maintenance

All surfaces need regular maintenance to keep them in good condition although the majority of this can be described as good housekeeping, eg. removal of leaves, blossom, pine needles and other detritus, treatment of any weeds etc.

Occasionally an application of mosskiller and subsequent pressure cleaning will be required - a more common occurrence these days as a result of the changing climate - and we offer this service on a nationwide basis.

In addition, artificial grass courts need regular brushing to keep the surface 'alive' and this can prove to be a time consuming and tiring task when done properly by hand. We therefore developed the Sandbrusher - a mini-tractor modified with front and rear adjustable brushes as shown - which enables the operation to be undertaken far more effectively, quickly and in relative comfort.

If you would like us to send you a copy of the aftercare notes relating to our various surfaces and courts generally or details of the sand-brusher by post then please follow the contact us link.

For more specialist works, please follow the links to Refurbishment for macadam and acrylic courts and Rejuvenation for artificial grass surfaces.

The Sandbrusher Mini-tractor

Power washing tennis courts

Sandbrusher Tractor

Three courts can be brushed in as little as thirty minutes.

A maximum width of 90cm enables easy access through standard gates.

Court Refurbishment