Poraflex Porous Acrylic Tennis Courts

Poraflex is a high performance water permeable cushioned acrylic surface.

The patented system comprises a high quality rubber mat and specially formulated spray coatings resulting in a surface that has optimum cushioning with the added advantage of porosity. The surface is extremely useful in rainy climates where traditional impervious acrylic courts will retain water on the surface and make play impractical during times of wet weather.

Poraflex is free draining. Therefore, court use throughout the year is greatly extended.

As well as being extremely durable and resistant to wear, the cushioning effect will remain constant throughout seasonal temperature variations and over many years of use.

The cushion mat is prefabricated to a uniform thickness. This gives consistent ball bounce on all areas of the court.

Poraflex Tennis Court

  • Blue and Green

  • Green and Terracotta

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