MUGAs – Multi-use Games Areas

MUGAs (multi-use games areas) provide a way of maximising the use of a sports area by providing a surface on which a number of different sporting and recreational activities can take place.

As you might expect, a surface which is suited to a range of activities may not be ideal for each individual activity but, with reasonable compromise, can provide a safe and satisfactory experience for users.

You can learn more about the individual surfaces we offer below.

Placourt for MUGAs

Certain sports combinations work well together. A good example is netball and tennis which can be played on a Placourt surface

This has a permeable foundation of broken, graded stone over which the Placourt Macadam surface is laid. An open-textured macadam basecourse may be added where extra strength is important.

The resulting tennis surface is free draining, hard-wearing and allows play throughout the year and requires little maintenance.

Matchplay 2

This synthetic grass surface is a popular sports surface ideal for multi-use games areas in schools as it ticks so many boxes for so many different sports.

Matchplay 2 maximises playing time due to its low sand content which allows for near all weather usage. It is available in a range of colours,

Matchplay 2 is the only synthetic grass type surface that meets Netball standards and has been recognised by Sport England for that reason.


Proturf allows many sports to be played on the surface at an affordable price.

The surface is comfortable and proves good grip and allows play nearly all year long.

Ball bounce and roll are controlled and consistent

3G Artificial Grass

Many consider 3G artificial grass to be the nearest thing to well maintained natural grass. This is because the long pile together with the impact absorbing infill feels like natural grass underfoot and its reaction to ball roll and bounce is like the real thing.

Lines are usually “cut in” using the same specification turf as the main playing area. They are may therefore be considered permanent.

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