Even with regular maintenance courts can become tired after several years.

Colour coatings wear and, in the case of porous surfaces, pores clog as a result of air pollution and ground-in detritus causing reduced foot grip.

Surface Maintenance

All surfaces need regular maintenance to keep them in good condition.

The majority of this can be described as good housekeeping, eg. removal of leaves, blossom, pine needles and other detritus, treatment of any weeds etc.



Power-washing thoroughly removes surface contaminants and debris and goes some way to restoring the original colour and texture of the surface.

Moss and Algae Kill

Moss and algae can become problematic especially during damp weather conditions.

It is essential to kill these before they become a slip hazard and an eyesore.

Court Repainting

Repainting courts restores the playing characteristics of a court.

And, of course, the court looks good with bright vibrant colours.

Court Resurfacing

When a court reaches the end of its useful life up to ten more years can result from resurfacing.

Resurfacing is often done to upgrade a court surface to a higher specification.



Brushing a surface with sand or other infill is essential if playing characteristics are to be maintained.

Brushing is achieved using rotary or static brushes.

Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning process can restore compacted and contaminated synthetic grasssurfaces to ‘as new’ performance and appearance.

The unique technology removes the contaminated top layer of sand, restores the pile to vertical and refills with new clean infill.

Resurface and Upgrade

Resurfacing a court is often a great time to upgrade a court surface.

A common route to upgrade is from porous macadam to artificial grass.

Maintenance Equipment

We can supply a wide variety of brushes and other maintenance equipment for owners to use in order to better maintain their facilities.

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